Application for Competition

  First Place Award:          $500

  Second Place Award:      $300 

  Third Place Award:         $100

  Runner Ups:                  $50 each

Deadline to apply:  Thursday April 6, 2018

Preliminary Round:  April 9, 2018

Ramona Meeting Room

339 South Mission Drive

San Gabriel, CA  91776

Final Competition:  April 12, 2018

Padilla Room 

Santa Anita/Mission Drive

San Gabriel, CA   91776

By clicking the submit button I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules of the competition I am entering.  I have spoken to my parent and/or guardian about the competition and they have agreed to allow me to enter. 

High School Public Speaking Contest

Ramona Parlor #109

Native Sons of the Golden West


Theme:  Any topic clearly related to the theme of California History is acceptable.

Contest Participation:  The contest is open to all high school students who have not attained their twentieth birthday.

Length of Speech:  Speeches shall be between five (5) and seven (7) minutes in duration.  A penalty of one point per half minute or fraction thereof will be assessed against the number of points of the tally for that speaker, when he or she fails to complete the speech within the five to seven minute time frame.

Presentation:  No speaker shall use visual aids, props or the assistance of a prompter.  Notes are not allowed.  Use of a microphone is not permitted.  There will be a preliminary round to select the top five speakers who will participate in a final round at our next Dinner Meeting.  Three or more judges will rate each speaker on their presentation and content using a combination of NSGW and Toastmaster International guidelines.